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Project COAT is an inaugural project in South Florida based out of

Fort Lauderdale in 2017...

It's a noun - and a verb - meaning to apply a covering. In the process of layering, what was visible is changed in some way.

A community of artists transform (COAT) walls, streets and neighborhoods when they coat surfaces with inspirational and aspirational imagery, visual poetry to move a city's citizens and visitors to live more enriching lives and invest in those that have the least.

COAT hopes through artists' murals, other Creatives will join their local governments and charitable organizations in creating a net for all those in need. In particular we are planning Project COAT 2018, a series of art events that results in seed dollars to match grants for a daytime homeless care center in downtown Fort Lauderdale to support existing facilities at capacity.

COAT shares art of excellence to raise up a new generation of professional artisans in the region, learning from and celebrating iconic leaders of the past.

COAT salutes the community builders who created the longstanding mural projects in Philadelphia, New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles and of course 'Wynwood Walls' in Miami - and all projects all over the globe that coat with art what is hurting until there is healing.

COAT builds a legacy of art transforming roads less traveled to vibrant streets, we are working with cities to leverage this project with new redevelopment and revitalization efforts creating opportunities for housing and workspace for professional Creatives.  A "community of Artists Transforming" (COAT). 

Join COAT during the week of November 13 - 20, 2017, panels of local scholars in the humanities and sciences will share how art plays a part in the history and culture of South Florida including exceptional artifacts and rare objects created by artisans, architects, designers and innovators since the earliest days of civilization in what would become 'Florida.'

Photo credits: Artist, INTI, Wynwood Walls with Professional Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher, Gentry Isaiah George 2017, photo by Bob Church Photography; the fabled FEC Fort Lauderdale draw bridge photographed by Armando Colls in 2016; historic Deering Estate, a site for artist residencies and preservation studies in horticulture and architecture - performance of Grace Arts Center Shakespeare adaptation project for the Miami Dade Public Library 2015 'Sunset Jams' reading program and funded in part by Florida Division of Cultural Affairs. 

Special thanks to sister-city project based in Jacksonville, Florida ArtRePublic

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